Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Buy Ticket in Addition to Event Ticket

To have a chair which is yours and yours alone you need to buy this ticket in addition to your entry ticket for the event. This will guarantee you a dedicated/named chair at the event. Please buy this ticket at least 48 hours before the event so we can allow for this in our venue planning.

Event Date
VIP Chair Ticket £5 Per Chair
Please do not try to claim exclusive use of a chair if you have not purchased a VIP ticket.

Notes on VIP Chairs - At Rocsters we run Social Dance Events. Because the priority is space to dance we often find that there are more dancers than chairs. However, from experience we also find more than half the chairs are empty at any time because so many people are on the dance floor. This means there are enough seats, even though there are more dancers than chairs.

We usually find people play "musical chairs" and simply find an empty chair if they come back from having a dance and find that someone sat in their previous chair. This creates opportunities for people to get to know each other and adds to the social occasion.

However, we also know that a minority of people would like their own chair and have observed that this does, from time to time, create arguments. Obviously we want to avoid those arguments. And that is why we are offering these VIP Tickets. Please do not try to claim exclusive use of a chair if you have not purchased a VIP ticket - do not say "you are sitting in my chair" to anyone as that is upsetting - if you have a problem, please speak with the management of the event and do not create arguments - people have come out to dance and relax, not argue.

We do not put out a chair for every dancer for 2 reasons the first is that, as we sell tickets on the door we do not know how many chairs we will need. The second reason is that sometimes we'd have so many chairs there would be much less space for dancing. We usually base our calculation on 2 chairs for every 3 dancers if we reached "venue full" level. If we tried to have a chair for every person we'd have to significantly reduce the capacity and this means we'd need to increase the price by 50% to make the same income.

At most dances it's less than 2% of people who seem to want a dedicated chair, Therefore we do not intend to increase the price and reduce the capacity for everyone. We are simply offering to give those 2% what they want and charge them as if we had a reserved chair for everyone and reduced the capacity of the event by one third.

We are not making this charge to make more money, we'd make the same money if everyone had a VIP Chair and we reduced the maximum capacity to take this in to account. We are doing this because people have been upset by arguments about chairs and we don't want them to be repeated.

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